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Dragon Ball Super’s whole universe faces imminent destruction if the Kai’s predication is correct. Yet, nothing will stop Goku and Lord Beerus’ epic battle.

On the last episode of Dragon Ball Super, Lord Beerus stopped merely toying with Goku as his Super Saiyan God powers grew with every moment. Prompting Beerus to consider the fact Goku was trying out new maneuvers while battling with the Destroyer. Each tied hit between Goku and Beerus creating shockwaves across the universe akin to an earthquake across the galaxy.

Old Kai remarked that the universe could only take 3 shockwaves, 2 to be safe before the entire universe including Goku and Beerus would be destroyed. Well, after one stunning Beerus purple energy shot collided with Goku’s Kamehameha, we’re now up to four. The episode ended with the whole universe seeing a white blinding light, signaling the end maybe moments away.

Meanwhile, the Super Saiyan God ritual has drained Gohan and Goten of their energy to fly and Vegeta stares up in the sky to watch the fight. Mr. Satan was almost pummeled by Bulma’s ship before being saved by Beerus’ assistant Whis. The ever calm Whis tells Mr. Satan, Beerus will keep his word if Goku wins and not destroy Earth, but in short no, his planet is not safe.

Dragon Ball Super S01E13 Trailer Insight

On tonight’s episode of Dragon Ball Super, we find out if Goku and Lord Beerus’ latest energy blasts are truly the beginning of the end. Rather, just the end. Even if this latest blast does not fully destroy the universe, there will clearly be dire consequences as Goku’s ability seems to be hitting new peaks with every challenge. Which in return is prompting Beerus to use even more of his own power.

Neither of the two can be reasoned with despite calls from Kibito Kai to both Beerus and Goku to stop the fighting. The only one who can put an end to this challenge, at least temporarily, is Beerus and his own desire to retain a competitive rival… That said, with Beerus always giving in to his impulses and getting bored easily, long term goals might go flying out the window.

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