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Live Game Deals spoke with Makoto Matsuda, Chairman of the 2.5D Musical Association, about Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon’s debut at NYC’s PlayStation Theater.

Live Game Deals had an opportunity to experience a preview of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” The Super Live the morning of their New York City premiere. Makoto Matsuda would tell us about audience reception across the world for the show and the passion fans have for Sailor Moon as a franchise.

Nir Regev: What do you attribute to Sailor Moon’s longevity throughout the years?

Makoto Matsuda: What I felt in the performance at Washington D.C. was that the fans love the characters and they each have their favorites. They sort of see themselves through each character and I feel like that’s why this piece is loved so much in this country.

Do you feel audiences in Paris, the U.S.A, and in Japan are a lot different? How did they react?

So I felt that, you know speaking of the Washington D.C. performance, that they were very happy and very aggressive and expressive about their enthusiasm. When you’re talking about the performance in Paris, they were very excited about it but they really wanted to savior each moment. So how they expressed their enthusiasm was different.

I’m curious actually on that note. Do people take out their cell phones and record or do they watch?

Not at all. When we did a tour in Shanghai in China, the first performance there were many people who tried to do that. But we kept on correcting them and at the end of the run, nobody did that. So they learned the etiquette of how to enjoy the performance.

Are you planning on touring for quite a while? Is Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Super Live a long-term show?

This is our first trial performance in the states and in New York, we’re just starting. So we’ll see what happens. But over in Washington the fans’ reaction was spectacular. We’re hoping that we can do a longer run in the states, and not just the states, all over the country. All over the world because we have fans all over the world!

Thank you!

Thank you!

“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” The Super Live premiered at New York City’s PlayStation Theater for two sold out days on March 29, 2019, and March 30, 2019. Learn more about “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” The Super Live’s cast and crew on their U.S.A New York and Washington D.C. tour stops.

Check out the 2.5D Musical Association official website for future 2.5D show listings.

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