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PSN Game Deals: Grand Theft Auto Sale – GTA Vice City [PS4] – $9.89



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PSN Game Deals are up for the week and feature a Grand Theft Auto Sale with the PS2 Classics, including Vice City as the centerpiece for sale at $9.89 each.

This week’s PSN Grand Theft Auto Sale is a great time to catch up on your PS2 classics on your PlayStation 4! All three GTAs are on sale for $9.89 a piece or $20.89 for the whole trilogy in one convenient bundle. Those looking to dust off their Vitas/PSPs for some GTA action are in luck as well with all three ‘stories’ for sale at $9.99 or $17.49 for a complete bundle of all three. Those doing their gaming on the PS3 who somehow missed GTA IV have a chance to catch up as well with it discounted to $9.99

The rest of the sale sees the last release, GTA V reduced to $29.99/19.99 [PS4/PS3] as well as upfront cash card bundles. GTA V is one of the best games of all time so if you’re looking to replay the title in its remastered form, $29.99 is a solid price. Especially with the added advantage of having the game available at all times on the hard drive. Who wants to get up to switch game discs these days really?

Here’s the full rundown and links to every GTA item on sale!

Grand Theft Auto Sale Rundown

Note: Offers End on 4/11/17 (Tuesday) at 8:00 am PT / 11:00 am ET.

PlayStation 4 Game Deals:


Grand Theft Auto III – $9.89
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – $9.89
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – $9.89
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – $20.89

Regularly Discounted

Grand Theft Auto V – $29.99

Game Bundles

Grand Theft Auto V & Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – $37.49

Cash Card Bundles

Grand Theft Auto V & Great White Shark Cash Card Bundle – $37.99
Grand Theft Auto V & Megalodon Shark Cash Card Bundle – $61.19
Grand Theft Auto V & Whale Shark Cash Card Bundle – $44.54

PlayStation 3 Game Deals:


Grand Theft Auto IV – $9.99

Regularly Discounted

Grand Theft Auto V – $19.99

Cash Card Bundles

Grand Theft Auto V & Great White Shark Cash Card Bundle – $25.49
Grand Theft Auto V & Megalodon Shark Cash Card Bundle – $44.09
Grand Theft Auto V & Whale Shark Cash Card Bundle – $32.39

PlayStation Vita and PSP Deals:


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars – $9.99
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – $9.99
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories – $9.99
Grand Theft Auto PS Vita Collection – $17.49


This week’s PSN GTA Sale is packed with Instabuys of truly great classics. GTA has never failed to live up to its name, the quality of these title is top tier with literally endless replay value. There’s not enough time in a day, month or even a year to fully explore every nook and cranny of GTA V. If you’re new to the series and looking to discover its past, Vice City is an excellent place to start. One of the true legendary classics of gaming history.

The Cash Card bundles are only worth it if you’re purchasing GTA V for the first time and believe you’ll be spending a good portion of your gaming sessions playing online. If you’re only thinking about logging on once or twice you’d be better off getting the GTA V and San Andreas bundle for single player action. It’s all about how you feel about GTA Online, and multiplayer action in general in your GTA experience.

PSN Deal of the Week:

The Deal of the Week is GTA’s Trilogy with all three PS2 titles in one bundle for essentially $21 dollars. You’re likely gonna buy all of them at one time or another, why not just get the bundle and save a few bucks? Runner-up is the Vita GTA Stories bundle with chapters many have never encountered before. It’s a perfect time to break out the Vita or PSP to play GTA on the go and in general to experience a completely different side of GTA.

Deal Research Based on the Past:

Check out March’s PSN Batman Sale to get an idea of what weekly game deals you might be missing out on. Sony occasionally holds a flash sale on PSN which you should always keep an eye out for.

Though it seems the days of a $1 dollar per game style flash sale are over, there’s always a couple of gems discounted just enough to be must buys.

Rockstar games see sales on the PlayStation Network about semi-regularly, so if you can’t spare the cash right now… There will likely be another chance. Their lineup is not quite as regularly discounted as Ubisoft or Activision’s however, so there could be a month or even three month lull before the next Rockstar sale. If you truly want these digital titles on the HD in the present, make the purchases.

Some might want to get nostalgic with the classic PS2 titles and even explore how GTA games have changed and evolved with each iteration. Others might want to rediscover the modern masterpiece that was GTA V and its rich locales, fully remastered. Then there are gamers who want to simply dive into some online action once in a while who as mentioned before would be served by the cash card bundles ahead of time. A GTA experience is always personal.

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