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Dragon Ball Super had Goku finally becoming a Super Saiyan God just in time to spar with Lord Beerus. Goku himself, not fully aware of his potential yet.

It finally happened, Goku joined the ranks of the divine and the celestial. A real, legit Super Saiyan God. All it took was six saiyans with pure hearts joining hands together to transfer their powers to one. Goku’s hair turned a shade of hot pink for the occasion, as no transformation is complete without a new hairstyle. Now Goku appears more enthusiastic about the thrill of a new challenge than the Earth’s well being necessarily. Piccolo even alludes to this when he tells Goku to be careful not to make them into collateral damage after an inadvertent Kamehameha blast.

Meanwhile, Gohan instinctively knows his father’s power will rise with every minute the battle continues. Despite Goku not landing a single hit just like before. Then the moment arrives… Gohan is proven right.

For the first time, Goku manages to land a few hits on Beerus and even blocks incoming attacks. His fighting carefree rather than focused, almost like he just opened up a shiny new toy. Neither Goku or Beerus appear to be taking the battle seriously yet, briefly sparring in what Beerus calls preliminary tests. In an uncharacteristic Vegeta moment, he smirks when Goku actually grazes and hits Beerus on the cheek. It seems his envy is waning as a past Vegeta would be furious over his rival becoming stronger.

Bulma takes the gang up in her flying ship to watch the fight as saiyans, nameks, androids, and earthlings look more mortal than ever before. As Whis explains, the reason they can’t sense Goku any longer is because that’s a mortal trait. Now that Goku has joined the divine as a Super Saiyan God, he is on a whole different level. King Kai is shown running around his planet in a frenzy troubled of this new fact, seeing it as a problem rather than victory. For reasons not yet known, King Kai did not want any of this to happen.

Dragon Ball Super S01E11 Trailer Insight

On tonight’s Dragon Ball Super on Toonami, Beerus continues to prod Goku to reveal more and more of his power. Old kai discusses Beerus toying with Goku in order to have someone to fight with all of his might. Just to inevitably crush the challenger in theory. Old kai explains Beerus is doing this for his own amusement, for fun rather than a serious purpose. Meanwhile, Goku’s carefree attitude with his Super Saiyan God form will either lead Beerus off-guard or a decisive loss at the hands of Beerus. Either way the Earth is in danger with two mighty unrelenting deity warriors fighting at full power.

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