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Dragon Ball Super has Earth’s five best fighters set for Champa’s tournament. Now it’s time for Bulma to locate the Super Dragon Balls as insurance!

On the last episode of Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta recruited a reluctant Majin Buu to join them as one of the elite fighters on the 7th Universe team. Though Buu despises Lord Beerus, particularly after trying to get between Buu and his food, he said yes… After Goku promises him a wish from the mythical Super Dragon Balls! Which Buu plans to give to his pal Mr. Satan.

Buu is locked in at #4 along with Goku, Vegeta, and Monaka (a fighter Beerus claims was his toughest adversary). Goku is disappointed to not the be the best Beerus has faced, yet excited at the prospect of meeting a fresh unknown challenger. Piccolo is the final team member, recruited after Gohan turns down his spot for a business meeting at work on the day of the epic tournament.

Goku suggests Vegeta and Piccolo train with him in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for the remaining 3 days before the tournament (equivalent to 3 years of training).

Piccolo turns down the offer citing ‘already having learned the folly of trying to keep up with a Saiyan’, preferring to ‘spend the time alone getting focused for battle’. At first Vegeta is iffy about the idea, stating they’ll get only marginally better.

Goku quickly sways Vegeta’s mind, saying Beerus said Monaka is better than them but not how much better, and he can just get better alone then. Hearing the words Goku getting better was all it took for Vegeta to put in his three years.

Cable subscribers can catch the last episode on Adult Swim’s Dragon Ball Super website stream.

Playing chess with the Super Dragon Balls

Meanwhile, Bulma is uneasy about Beerus’ potential grand plan with the Super Dragon Balls or even a spontaneous spur of the moment act as the universe’s Destroyer.

The smirk at the end of episode 29 (“Combat Matches Are a Go! The Captain is Someone Stronger Than Goku”) by Beerus when he remarks about wiping out existence puts Bulma on edge. Though Goku thinks Beerus was just joking. Vegeta backs up Goku’s sentiment. Both of them drunk on the idea of a tournament with a whole new galaxy, and the wonders of future training on Beerus’ planet.

Fun Fact: When Bulma calls upon the dragon Shenron originally to locate the Super Dragon Balls, Goku remembers he was supposed to wish someone back to life but can’t remember. That someone was King Kai!

At the same time, Beerus and Whis themselves ponder what his twin brother Champa has to gain with this tournament. What is Champa’s endgame? Beerus subtly questions Whis if he’s training Goku and Vegeta to defeat him, drawing a ‘no, my lord’ but a look to the side from Whis.

Dragon Ball Super S01E31 Trailer (Next Episode)

On the next Dragon Ball Super, Bulma asks for galactic policeman Jaco if he he can take her to the center of the universe. Since the Super Dragon Ball radar can only pick up their presence there if they so exist. Jaco claims a mysterious figure named Master Zuno is the one to see for such an endeavor. Jaco remarks that Zuno knows everything, an all-knowing being.

Vegeta in a rare display of relationship feelings warns Jaco ‘not to try any funny business with his wife’. Needless to say, Jaco won’t be getting sleep anytime soon.

The Funimation English dub will premiere this Saturday on Adult Swim at 8:30pm EST/11:30pm EST (Replay). The previous episode will air at 8pm for those looking to catch up on Dragon Ball Super. In Japan, episode 31 originally aired on February 14, 2016 and now airs for American audiences on August 26, 2017.

Dragon Ball Super: Part I now available on Blu-Ray

Dragon Ball Super: Part I is now available on Blu-Ray featuring the first 13 episodes of the series with English Dubbing.

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