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Dragon Ball Super had Goku losing his Super Saiyan God status mid-fight with Lord Beerus… Yet Goku will push on and fight, despite not being a deity.

On the last episode of Dragon Ball Super, the Super Saiyan God ritual was revealed to be time-limited. Goku had been going punch to punch with Lord Beerus, pressuring Beerus to unleash more of his true power. For a moment, it looked like Goku’s Super Saiyan God status would allow him to finally eclipse Beerus the Destroyer.

Then it happened, the red glow of the ritual along with the red hair and eyes evaporated. Right back to regular old Super Saiyan status. For the first time, the rest of the group could sense his power. Goku’s divinity was officially gone… Yet, something remained.

Beerus’ assistant Whis would gloat over his Sushi takeaway as something to remember the planet by. Casually informing the group it’s over. Piccolo would get more than a bit agitated with Whis, grabbing his arm. A scuffle was about to occur with Whis showing uncharacteristic anger telling Piccolo to ‘remove his arm immediately’.

Vegeta Sends A Silent but Positive Message

The ever silent Vegeta, who had been staring up at the sky since the fight began, shot a quick energy blast at Piccolo’s feet. Momentarily, Piccolo yells at Vegeta, “What was that for?!”, when he realizes it was a signal. Vegeta wasn’t intending to hurt Piccolo but rather clue him in that Goku’s fight wasn’t over yet.

Indeed it wasn’t. Despite losing his deity status, Goku was still able to land hit after hit on Beerus while evading Beerus’ attacks. Goku had not even realized he was back to being an ordinary Super Saiyan.

Goku became furious Beerus was speaking to him as if the fight was over when Beerus told him he was no longer a Super Saiyan God, time’s up. Goku said he hadn’t noticed and asked Beerus how it was possible. Beerus then explained to Goku and the audience alike that Goku’s body must have retained its knowledge of how it fought in its Super Saiyan God form. Time will tell if that will be enough to competitively challenge Beerus.

Dragon Ball Super S01E14 Trailer Analysis

On the next Dragon Ball Super, we see Beerus getting more hits in than before now that Goku is back to a Super Saiyan. However, unlike before Goku’s Super Saiyan God form those hits are not fight enders any longer. Meaning Goku is not going down by a flick of a finger any longer or being thrown into the ocean.

Goku is still maintaining competitive form, and matching Beerus. In fact, when Beerus shoots an energy blast thinking he finished Goku, laughing, he gets surprised by Goku being more than just fine.

Delivering a classic Kamehameha, while exclaiming ‘think again’ at an overconfident Beerus celebrating what he thought was a victory. It looks like we’re in for another action-packed Dragon Ball Super, a great trend as of late.

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