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Dragon Ball Super will see Vegeta going on a rage fueled bender to avenge the honor of wife Bulma against Beerus the destroyer tonight. Saiyan Vs Deity.

On the last episode of Dragon Ball Super, Bulma unleashed the slap heard around the world on party destroyer Beerus. Bulma wanted the deity off her boat and out of her life, telling Beerus he was an uninvited guest to begin with and ruining everything. Then it happened, Beerus returned the favor despite Vegeta pleading with Beerus to have mercy. Mere moments before Vegeta had resigned his fate to Beerus at least saying it noble for a warrior to perish against the destroyer of worlds. A true deity, which Lord Beerus was all too happy to smile about and thank Vegeta since most don’t appreciate the honor.

Now post-Bulma incident Vegeta is drunk with the fury of a million Saiyans. Immediately turning Super Saiyan in response to Bulma looking down and out, Vegeta is ready to fight Lord Beerus. Despite his own knowledge of fighting a losing battle, Vegeta will take on a colossal undertaking. Trying to match Beerus to the best of his abilities, everything is now on the table. No holding back against the Destroyer of worlds.

Meanwhile, Lord Beerus’ trusty assistant Whis is busy eating sushi and enjoying the brand new delicacy. Will Whis step in eventually to call a truce between Beerus and his search for the mythical Super Saiyan God in the name of good Earth made food?

Majin Buu’s Losing Battle

All Majin Buu wanted was about 15 puddings. Now Buu’s dessert time is over at the hands of Lord Beerus and usually that would mean payback. Yet Majin Buu was unable to land a single hit in response in two rounds. For the first time, Majin Buu’s enormous strength is rendered obsolete to the shock of Buu himself. In fact the only ‘attack’ he manages is when Beerus utilizes Buu by swinging him towards a charging Gohan, taking both out. Is Buu down for the count on Dragon Ball Super or is round 3 against Beerus in the making?

Dragon Ball Super S01E08 Trailer Insight

It’s all action on tonight’s Dragon Ball Super as Vegeta goes toe to toe with the might that is Lord Beerus the destroyer. By the looks of tonight’s preview he even manages more than a few good punches in his Bulma rage induced frenzy. The episode’s name ‘Goku Shows Up! A Last Chance From Lord Beerus?’ does signal a Goku sighting. Goku was last seen taking a senzu bean after trying to spar with Beerus and realizing the futility of such a contest in his current form.

Will he join Vegeta tonight in fighting Beerus in a battle for Earth or convince Vegeta to stand out and try to negotiate with Beerus? Perhaps promise Beerus the Super Saiyan God in time if he waits it out just a bit longer. The answers await on tonight’s Dragon Ball Super airing on Toonami at 8pm ET!

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