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Dragon Ball Super airs on Toonami tonight and the stakes are high as Lord Beerus crashes Bulma’s birthday party. Is this the end as Vegeta envisions?

On the last episode of Dragon Ball Super, Lord Beerus and Whis made their way onto Bulma’s cruise ship in hopes of learning who the whereabouts of a Super Saiyan God. Bulma accepted the guests with open arms under the impression they were Vegeta’s friends and thought her husband was finally being social.

What Bulma and the rest of her party guests don’t know is that Beerus’s nickname is ‘The Destroyer’ and at any time he might eliminate their planet on a whim. Luckily Beerus’ unquenchable appetite for new and exotic foods temporarily quenched his thirst for destruction… That is until Majin Buu refused to share one of his puddings with him during dessert. Now tensions are running high as an attack from Buu on Beerus ended with Buu in shambles.

Vegeta’s Internal Conflict

After learning of Goku’s defeat in a mere two hits at the hands of Beerus from King Kai, Vegeta finds himself in a vulnerable position and total panic. He recalls his own father King Vegeta’s humiliation at the hands of Beerus during his youth. If Kakarot, his eternal adversary and rival was unable to square one hit on Beerus in Super Saiyan III form, what can Vegeta hope to do but appease Beerus until he leaves.

Dragon Ball Super S01E07 Preview Trailer Insight

On tonight’s Dragon Ball Super, placating Lord Beerus comes to an end after the slap heard around the world by Bulma. The preview trailer shows Bulma handing out the slap in response to Beerus ruining her party despite arriving uninvited. Despite Vegeta pleading with Beerus to have mercy on his wife, it appears Beerus does not respond in kind.

Vegeta goes into Super Saiyan mode and ready to trounce Beerus with everything he’s got to protect his wife’s honor. Despite Vegeta’s knowledge of Beerus overwhelming capabilities, he will throw in his hat into the circle of battle. Will Goku newly revived with a Senzu bean fuse with Vegeta one last time in an attempt to overthrow ‘The Destroyer’?

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