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Blu-ray Deal Tracker Is Live!



The Live Blu-ray Deal Tracker is officially online, live, and ready to go folks!

You’ll find Blu-ray deals on Films, TV Shows, Wrestling, MMA, the NBA, Collector Sets, Anime, Cartoons, and more right on this page. We’ll be updating deals as they go live and up to the second. You’ll never miss a Blu-ray deal again with your new home here at Live Game Deals.

Live Blu-ray Deal Retailers:

The Live Blu-ray Deal Trackers gathers up the latest Blu-ray deals from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, iTunes, FYE,,, GameStop,,, Rifftrax, Alibris US & UK, and

Live Game Deals is always expanding its vision and more retailers will be added to the Blu-ray Live Deal Tracker in the future. Live Game Deals DVD and Digital Live Deal trackers will be online at the end of this week.

Live Game Deals: The Goal

From this January on, Live Game Deals is looking to become the one stop home for all collectors, hobbyists and casuals to find the latest and greatest deals. The power is back to the costumer, the consumer, the collector. In a digital age, knowledge is readily available if you search for it. We’re looking to take away the hassle of searching every big box retailer, reseller, forum message board, and general nook and cranny around the internet.

The info is right here, professionally curated to sift through the spam and find the deals that actually matter to you. The important ones that you hear about one day too late. No more, my friends!

From now on it’s all go, 24/7 deals for you. It’s all about quality at Live Game Deals, we look for the best deals on top products. Everything is published in simplified format. Product name, price (including any necessary memberships to get discounts), deal links, photo of the item. Posh and Elite. Phenomenal. The way it should be.

Nir Regev is the Founder/Editor of Live Game Deals, a website dedicated to bringing you the best video game deals live, industry interviews, in-depth analysis, news, previews, price guides/rarity guides, and more! He is also the Founder/Editor of entertainment website, The Natural Aristocrat. Contact Nir at [email protected].


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